Surgical operations

Non-emergency operations are by appointment, and can be performed at either of our clinics. Dogs and cats who are to have an operation should not have anything to eat after midnight the day before admission to the clinic. Cats must be kept indoors after midnight to prevent hunting, or finding other food. For all other pets please confirm their specific needs with the vet or nurse. A comfort walk before admission is recommended for dogs, and all animals can have access to water up to the point of admission.

For pets due to have surgery (especially dogs) please ensure that they are as clean as possible where this is practical – a shower or bath the day before the operation to remove any ingrained dirt will minimise the length of surgical preparation time, so reducing the anaesthetic length for your pet, minimising the cooling effect which scrubbing has on a patient, and reducing the risk of post-operative infection.

For rabbits, small furries or exotic pets, please bring a small amount of their normal food with you, to help us encourage them to eat as soon as possible after their operation. Often small pets will not need to be starved before an operation (and indeed doing so may increase anaesthetic risks) – please ask about your specific pet when booking the procedure.

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