We recommend that all cats and dogs are microchipped. It provides a invaluable means of identification should your beloved pet go missing, meaning that they can usually be returned to you straight away.

Microchipping is a legal requirement for all dogs in England from the age of eight weeks and the keeper details must be kept up to date on an approved database. If buying a new puppy this must legally have been micro-chipped by the breeder; and if there is any medical reason why this could not be done they will have been issued with a DEFRA authorised Certificate of Exemption by their Veterinary Surgeon. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet’s microchip details are up to date.

It is soon going to be a legal requirement to have your cats microchipped by 20 weeks of age.

Routine microchipping can be carried out in the course of a consultation and is charged at £25. If your pet is undergoing an anaesthetic for any reason, (such as neutering), then microchipping can easily be done at this point – in these cases we charge a discounted rate of £20. (July 2022)

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