Pets abroad

The PETS Travel Scheme offers the chance to take your pet abroad without having to undergo long quarantine periods.

The Scheme is designed to stop the spread of rabies and other diseases while still allowing pets to travel.  From 1st January 2012 all pet cats, dogs and ferrets can enter or re-enter the UK from any country in the world without quarantine provided they meet the rules of the scheme.

When travelling with you pet you should be aware that Continental Europe has diseases the UK does not (yet) have;   Babesiosis and ehrlichiosis are spread by ticks, heartworm is spread by mosquitos and leishmaniasis is spread by sand flies.  These are all potentially fatal to your pet, and leishmaniasis can also affect people.  Medicated collars are available which repel both ticks and the flies that carry the Leishmania organism.  There is also a vaccine available against leishmaniasis.

Tick treatment is no longer compulsory on your return to the UK; however we would strongly recommend that you treat for ticks before departure, during your stay and before returning to the UK.

Things you may like to do before travelling (once you meet the PETS Travel Scheme requirements):

  • Have your pet’s microchip read
  • Take a supply of a spot–on tick treatment to apply while you are away
  • Purchase tick/sand fly collars
  • Purchase worm tablets (for Heartworm protection).

If your pet is unwell either while you are away or on your return, please seek veterinary help urgently.

It is advisable to check the DEFRA website for the full list of PETS travel scheme qualifying countries to ensure you are covered before you travel.

Enjoy your travels!

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