New pets

Pets are for life!

You need to choose your new family member to suit your accommodation and lifestyle. You need to consider things like the size of the animal and their temperament. For example, a large dog in a small house if you are away at work all day could be inappropriate. Attending dog training classes can help to make sure your new pet is a pleasure rather than a headache.

You should also carefully consider where you obtain your new pet. We have lists of local pet rescue centres, sanctuaries, and breeders.

A health examination for your new or prospective new pet may save many heartaches and headaches later. Please give us a call and we will be happy to highlight the important aspects when obtaining your new pet.

Once you have your new pet, consider whether training classes area appropriate (especially for puppies!), please ask reception for a list of training classes in the area.

Finally we recommend that you seriously consider insurance for your new pet. There are many policies available, and it is important to read your insurance documents carefully so you can select a policy to suit you and your pet. See our Insurance page for further information.

  • Some policies have a time or cost limit for the treatment of each condition. Long-term treatment for an ongoing condition may exceed these limits.
  • Some policies will stop covering a pet once it is considered geriatric. However animals are more likely to need veterinary treatment as they get older, so we suggest considering whether you require lifetime cover
  • Most policies will include an excess which may vary dramatically between companies
  • Some policies will offer additional services, for example third-party cover, allowances for complementary therapies, recovery costs and death benefits
  • Some policies will place new exclusions at renewal each year – this may mean that what is covered one year will not be the next, so is worth asking about
  • Different providers provide differing levels of cover for behavioural and dental treatment
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