Pet Care Plans

Ask about our Pet Care Plans. Starting at just £13.50 per month for cats and from £14.50 per month for dogs, PCPs allow you to spread the annual cost of your pet’s routine vaccinations, a 6 monthly health check, worming and flea/tick treatments throughout the year. It also includes a 10% discount on all our other services and products, including surgery, medications, lab tests, food, etc. This plan also includes a oral hygiene mouth wash (Dentagen) once a year.

Dental Care Clinics

Did you know that over 80% of dogs over 3 years of age have gum disease? We are offering free dental checks (for dogs and cats) at both clinics. Please call either one of the clinics and we will be happy to book you an appointment with one of our lovely nurses.

Free Elderly Pet Urine Testing

We are offering our elderly patients a free urine check at the time of their annual health check and booster at both our Ringwood and Fordingbridge branches.

This is for cats 10 years and over, and dogs 8 years and over. The sample must be brought in at the time of the appointment and ideally collected first thing in the morning.

This may help with early diagnosis of a variety of problems including kidney disease, diabetes and bacterial infections / crystals.

Laboratory testing discount 30% May 11th – 6th June 2018 allergy testing

For pet allergy week through sensitest we are offering up to 30% off an allergy blood test. This blood test can aid diagnosis and treatment selection in cases of atopic dermatitis due to environmental and food allergies. It is especially important for dogs that have recurrent itchy skin and ear infections.

It is suggested that 10-15% of dogs in the UK are affected by allergic skin disease, and it is being recognised with increasing frequency in cats also.

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