Neutering of rabbits is advisable. Castration of male rabbits is advised to prevent breeding, prevent devlopment of testicular tumours, to modify behavioural problems or for many other reasons. It is recommended that female rabbits are routinely spayed as they are very prone to uterine tumours.

Routine neutering is usually carried out from 6 months of age.

Any rabbit undergoing an anaesthetic will need to be monitored to ensure they are eating and defecating properly after surgery. They will need a clean hutch to be returned to, and to be kept warm and dry for at least 24 hours after surgery. If your rabbit usually lives outdoors, it will be worth considering bringing their hutch inside for the night after an anaesthetic, or setting them up a special indoor run for the night.

When bringing your rabbit to the surgery for an anaesthetic, please bring with them some of their usual and favourite foods, so we can encourage them to eat as soon after their operation as possible. It will also be useful for us to know whether they usually drink from a bowl or a bottle, to encourage fluid intake post-surgery.

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