(Please note that due to the departure of David Badger we are currently unable to offer several of the more specialised endoscopic procedures, including laparoscopic spays. We hope to be able to offer these again in the future)

Forest Veterinary Clinic can now offer various rigid endoscopic procedures (“Keyhole Surgery”). This allows us to perform certain abdominal and thoracic surgeries and diagnostic procedures without significant surgical wounds. We can perform for example keyhole spays, removal of retained abdominal testicles, intestinal biopsies, bladder stone removal, kidney, liver, pancreatic, lung biopsies etc with between 2 and 4 small 5-10mm holes. These interventions would have previously required full open abdominal or thoracic surgery.

We can also perform rhinoscopy (investigation of the nasal cavity) in all dogs down to approximately 5kg and larger cats, as well as non-invasive genito-urinary investigation in female dogs (again down to approximately 5kg currently).

Unfortunately we cannot yet provide flexible endoscopic services (gastro-enteric exams or bronchoscopy) however watch this space for future updates.

 An example of a foreign body removed from a cat’s nose via endoscopy.

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